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「香港保險平台」保險代理 Enki Chan
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Enki has a solid experience in strategizing and implementing a pioneer distribution model of financial planning services for Integrity Financial Advice Network Co. Ltd. (member of the AXA Group) and One Integrity Advisory Services Limited (member of CIB) from 2011 to 2013. Instead of just talk the talk, in June 2013 he decided to start his first entrepreneurial venture, Enki Risk Management Company, to provide bona fide trust-based financial planning services to individuals and small & medium enterprises in Hong Kong. Enki is confident that the company’s clients would benefit from the fact-based consulting approach and a wide range of solutions from different Life and General Insurance providers, which are affordable, cost-effective and within client’s acceptable exposure to risk.

Prior to this Enki had obtained the first degree in Social Science (First Class Honour) from a local statutory university and also graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with Distinction Scholarship for the master’s degree in applied economics. Once he finished his master’s degree, he was immediately hired as the part-time tutor of  undergraduate economics courses (Hong Kong Economy, International finance) in OUHK since 2011. In OUHK, Enki gained a useful teaching experience from conducting daytime lectures, tutorial classes and marking assignments and exam. scripts. With the experiences of teaching in a university, Enki can provide clients with a comprehensive and unique understanding of different concepts of insurance products and enable clients to achieve different goals of Life Risk Management and Wealth Accumulation easily.



Life Insurance: Term life, Whole Life, Endowment Insurance, Target Savings, Annuities

Critical Illness Insurance: Limited Payment Critical Illness Insurance(Whole Life Coverage), Multiple benefits Critical Illness Insurance, Term Critical Illness

Medical Insurance: Hospital and Surgery Expense Insurance, Hospital Cash Insurance, Accident Protection, etc

Health Insurance: Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance.

General Insurance: Private Motor, Travel, Home, Business Package, Property Insurance, Employees' compensation, Liability, Marine, Group P.A. And Travel

Employee Benefit: Group Medical, Group Life


We welcome clients’ enquiry for General Insurance Products Quotation. We must give you the best quotation.


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「香港保險平台」保險代理 Enki Chan
Enki Chan

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